Hideo Kojima's new studio looks ridiculously cool

Unless you've been living under a cardboard box for the past few decades, you'll know Hideo Kojima as the brains behind the revered Metal Gear series. He fell out with long-standing employer Konami in late 2015 and thereafter set out on his own to create the elusive Death Stranding—a game we don't know too much about besides the fact it stars Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen, and, we think, newborn babies. Kojima has now given us a wee glimpse inside the new HQ of Kojima Productions and it looks pretty darn swish. 

"I have more freedom now because the final decision comes down to me," explains Kojima to BBC Newsbeat's Steffan Powell. "This company is not listed on the stock exchange so we don't need to worry about pleasing investors. We can just concentrate on making good games."

As you can see below, the settings within which Kojima and his team plan to do so is pretty striking—a space which contains a huge kitchen, stylish boardroom, and fully-functional mo-cap studio. Lest I continue to sound like an overzealous letting agent, have a gander for yourself: 

During his visit, as reported on the BBC Newsbeat site, Powell asked Kojima about Konami, his career moving forward, and, of course, Death Stranding. Kojima, of course, remained tight-lipped. "Unfortunately we can't really say anything about it at the moment," he says. "We want this game to be something that people can get into easily but after an hour or two they'll start to notice something a little different. It's not like anything they've played before."

Death Stranding is supposedly due at some point between now and 2019, when it'll land on PlayStation 4 first before making the jump to PC. Until then I'd highly recommend checking out Andy's A-Z of Hideo Kojima for loads of interesting facts you may or may not already know about the man himself.