HEVN is a 'suspenseful and mysterious' sci-fi game inspired by System Shock and Deus Ex

I missed the first teaser developer Miga released for its upcoming dystopian science-fiction game HEVN back in November. It's now launched another, named "They're watching", however first let me point you towards its debut "Hello, Sebastian" short. 

Said to be inspired by the likes of Deus Ex and System Shock, HEVN follows the dangerous celestial mining mission of Sebastian Mar—an unwitting protagonist who's fled an overcrowded and overheated planet Earth in search of pastures new. Assisted by robots and a central AI system, he's wound up on the isolated planet Naic where he's forced to "navigate the physical and political" dangers posed by Nomoni Inc's controversial mining programme. 

"To discover new depth to the central story, players will be able to access tablets, correspond with friends and family back home via email, and analyse cryptic images and messages left by co-workers," reads a statement. "This highly investigative storytelling allows players to delve into the story as much as they like, uncovering the game's secrets as they progress.

"As Sebastian, players will also be able to engage in detailed conversations with robots and read magazines that help to flesh out the universe of 2128. As an increasingly unnerving story begins to unravel, Sebastian will have to balance his own physical and mental well-being with an urgent need to uncover the truth."

That last part is better explored in HEVN's latest teaser, which, while depicting a section of the space station in disrepair, also hints at an external threat. "You there, anyone?" asks a distressed voice over Sebastian's radio. "I think they're onto me."

What could it all mean? One to watch for sure. HEVN is due at some point this Summer on Steam.