Heroes of Newerth's birthday giveaway: win one of 10 free copies of HoN


Yesterday marked the 1-year anniversary since the official launch of S2 Games' popular MOBA Heroes of Newerth, and they're partying like it's their birthday—which it totally is. Alongside their free-to-play week , which lasts until Sunday the 22nd, they're giving the community bonus in-game shop currency and some new avatars created by popular demand. But what if your birthday wish is that you could play the game for free forever, instead of ponying up at the close of next weekend? That's where we come in—we're giving away 10 free copies of HoN, perfect for the newbie who's enjoying themselves this week or the veteran that wants to get their friends involved. Read on to find out how to enter!

S2's made a lot of changes in the recent update to make the game easier to understand for new players. For instance, tons of UI changes were implemented to help explain the more complicated systems, like the items and tooltips, so that they're much more clear and concise. S2 has also introduced fully interactive hero guides, which are ranked by the community and give players the ability to set default preferences for recommended items—incredibly handy for someone trying out a new hero for the first time. This patch also rolls out two avatars, one that's just plain awesome and the other that's awesomely goofy: Thor Thunderbringer and Winston Charmadon.

So, want to play this game for free past May 22nd? Excellent, because entering our contest is easy. Simply leave a comment below before May 20th suggesting an avatar you'd love to see for any HoN hero. The ten funniest ones (as in, I laugh out loud at the office) will win a free copy of HoN! Heck, if your suggestions are good enough, the devs might just take notice of your comedic genius and put 'em in game!