Heroes of Newerth latest fighter revealed: King Midas

The story of King Midas is a tale of how a man's greed for gold ruined his life. The moral of the story would be very different if King Midas could shoot a golden lion out of his chest to heal friends and eat his enemies. "I can't hug my children, but CHECK OUT THIS LION," he'd say.

King Midas will be bringing his lion thing to the war-torn lanes of Heroes of Newerth later today. He can also teleport, and turn his enemies into gold, proving that when it comes to taking down the enemy fortress in HoN, greed is a good thing after all. Read on for a summary of his abilities.

  • Golden Salvo: launches five volatile flasks in front of him, coating enemies in a movement reducing solvent and dealing massive damage if multiple flasks impact.

  • Lion's Pride: sends a pack of golden lions charging at a target location, healing allies along the way before exploding and damaging enemies.

  • Elemental Warp: causes Midas to melt into the ground, dodging enemy attacks before teleporting to a nearby location, damaging enemies during both departure and arrival.

  • ULTIMATE: Transmute: When Midas lands two spells within a short window, the affected enemies are instantly transformed to gold, stunning them and inflicting bonus damage.

Heroes of Newerth is now free to play . You can create an account and download the client from the Heroes of Newerth site .

Tom Senior

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