Here's your chance to win a huge RPG bundle over on the PC Gamer forums

PCG forum giveaway
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This week, the PC Gamer forums are giving the community a chance to win a huge RPG bundle, courtesy of the good folks from GOG!

Few genres have as strong a connection with gaming culture as RPGs. They represent something fundamental about the gaming experience, allowing us to wonder and explore with less rigid confines than, say, a standard shooter. Some of the most memorable games in the last 25 years have been RPGs, and our latest giveaway celebrates those leaps.

To do that, we’ve partnered with GOG, which is putting on a massive Summer Sale at the moment. Five lucky winners will each be walking away with a pack of codes granting them access to the following games:

Looking to roam the Sword Coast? Perhaps the challenge of solving a murder and questioning the very nature of the self with the worst hangover of all time is more your speed? Or, hey, maybe you just want a nice mix of adventuring, dungeon-crawling, and ruling your own kingdom. Whatever your taste, this pack represents some of the best of the RPG genre.

How to enter

All you have to do is head over to this thread and follow the instructions. One of the steps is going to be to let us know who your favourite character is from any game in this prize pack.

Hurry! You’ve only got until 15:59 UTC / 11:59 PM ET / is the 16:59 PM GMT on Monday,  June 28th to enter!

Be sure to check out the GOG Summer Sale with over 3,000 deals up to 90% off! The sale ends on June 28th, 13: 00 PM UTC / 9:00 AM ET /14:00 PM GMT.

Good luck!