Here's what you could have got in the first Humble Monthly Bundle

Humble Monthly Bundle

Humble's mysterious monthly subscription program has borne its first crop, and if you were waiting to see what would be on offer before you plonked down your cash...then that's not how this works, I'm afraid. If you'd subscribed before a few days ago, you'd have just been given copies of Saints Row 4, Besiege, Valkyria Chronicles, Lethal League, Sanctuary RPG, Towerfall: Ascension, and Legend of Grimrock 2, Man, I kind of wish I'd signed up for this now.

That lot was all yours if you'd agreed to pay $12 a month before November 6, and if you don't want to hang around to see what December brings, you're free to cancel your subscription any time, and you'll keep the games you've acquired so far. It's a bit like PlayStation Plus, basically, but you get to keep the games.

The next set of games will unlock on December 4, and we already know that one of the titles will remain the same: Towerfall. Sign up now and you'll get to play that while you wait.

Tom Sykes

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