Humble Bundle launches monthly subscription program

Humble Monthly Bundle

Humble Bundle has been going strong for a few years, and now it's launching something new. The Humble Monthly Bundle is a subscription service that delivers bundles to customers for $12 a month. Humble is pitching this service as a bit of an adventure, an opportunity for gamers to get games they might not have picked up otherwise. See the video below, which has a mysterious woods and everything.

"PC games delivered digitally to you in a monthly subscription bundle," the announcement page reads. "Join for a new slate of games every month. Every bundle you get is yours to keep." Humble is promising both "hidden gems" and "timeless classics."

The spirit of this announcement seems genuine and adventurous, but I'm not convinced I need an exciting new way to grow my Pile of Shame any bigger than it already is. The first monthly bundle won't unlock until November 6, but subscribing now earns you a copy of the very good Legends of Grimrock 2.