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This week over on the PC Gamer forums, the community had a lot to talk about. They shared their stories of the video game bosses that got away and talked about how to summer proof your PC for the hot weather. We held May's community showcase, and also asked everyone "are there loading screens that don't suck" and "if your eyes had a HUD, what info would it display?"

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Here's what's been going on in the PCG forums:

How to summer proof your PC

With summer quickly approaching, Inspireless Llama has created a fun thread asking for tips on how to prep your PC for the heat. Whether it's making sure your computer has a great cooling system or that your gear gets plenty of air ventilation, the thread is full of advice on how to keep your rig cool throughout those warm summer days.

I'm wondering, wouldn't it be cool (pun intended) if we create a community guide on "How to summer proof" your PC? I can think of one thing, which would be "place an airco next to your PC" but I doubt that's the only solution! Also, my airco sprays water around so I don't think that's the best idea, and since my PC is on the floor below my desk it would cause my legs to freeze off.Inspireless Llama

It actually does sometimes get too hot to play video games here. My A/C is a pretty good one but it can only keep the top floor (the not-basement-floor) about 20 degrees F under the outside temperature. If it hits 100 outside, it's 80 inside and adding a hot video card & CPU to that is not comfortable. The solution is simple, though: read a book ;) Zloth

Here's a link to the full thread.

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The one boss that got away

Everyone always has that one boss battle that stays with them, and Fridis has created a thread chatting about the ones that were too difficult to defeat. From Software games and dragons, in general seem to be the main offenders in the thread right now, so if you've had you're own run-in with an unbeatable dragon or any other boss comes to mind make sure to leave a comment.

For me it was the Ancient Dragon from Dark Souls 2. I fought the dragon over and over again but I never managed to kill it! I knew roughly where to stand and how to dodge the attacks, but somehow I always ended up flattened by its feet or roasted by the flames. So, I shrugged off this dreadful experience and thought to myself that it was an optional boss after all.Fridis

The first that comes to mind is Barma'thazel from The Messenger. I was quite good at it but after playing for a few hours I couldn't beat this boss, decided to try again the next day and still couldn't beat him, left the game for a week and forgot all of the controls. Gave up.—IndecentLouie

Here's a link to the full thread.

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May Community Showcase

Our community manager Mknott has picked out this month's community contributors as part of the forum showcase. These are members who have created some of the forums' best and most engaging threads and have been given a well-deserved shout out. Congratulations to everyone who is in the showcase!

Each of these folks will receive a Community Contributor badge, if they haven’t earned one already and just like the last name on a credits screen big thanks to YOU for making the PC Gamer Forums such a great place! Mknott

Here is a link to May's community showcase.  

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If your eyes had a HUD, what info would you want it to display?

For this mid-week question, Chris asked the forums what they would want on their eye HUD display. Would you like a mini-map showing your surroundings? How about a mission list of stuff you need to do during the day? Let us know in the thread.

Definitely nametags on everyone I talk to, as I never can remember names. My phone is filled to the brim with work-related people like: mullet, electrician and chipper fellow at gas station.Avalon

Hydration seems like a good one. I struggle to drink enough. It would be good to have to be very smart set of stats related to my health, so I can adjust my behaviour to live as long as possible.Marri

Here's the full thread.

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What game has loading screens that don't suck

Jody's weekend question is about video game loading screens, and he's created a thread asking the community for their favourite ones. Do you like useful tips or little quips about the game? Are there any with fun animations or a nice graphic? Let us know in the comments and yours might be chosen for the finished article.

Loading screens that entertain or engage the player are the best. I'm talking about interactive loading screens that allow for me to mess around or practice like Bayonetta, Okami or Assassins Creed (for the latter they really need to add an enemy in for me to bash around).Johnway

Any loading screens where you can still play the game are great, even if it's in a limited capacity like in Assassin's Creed. They're even better than "hidden" loading screens (looking at you, Mass Effect elevator). I will also never forget the loading screen from Black & White that said "Throwing villagers around is great fun!", with a picture of a villager soaring through the sky.—Pifanjr

Here's a link to the loading screen thread.  

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