Here's the Dragon Age 4 trailer from The Game Awards

BioWare dropped a new Dragon Age 4 teaser at the Game Awards today, though the game is just called "The Next Dragon Age" for now—watch it above.

The trailer is narrated by Varric Tethras, who talks of facing "demons, dragons, darkspawn, even the Dread Wolf"—we're left with a shot of our old friend Solas from Dragon Age Inquisition.

"Rich, branching narratives, choices with consequences, and intriguing characters are central to the entire Dragon Age franchise, and we’re putting a lot of work into these," said BioWare in a blog post. "You’ll form relationships with companions who will fight by your side when you experience this true Dragon Age saga set in Thedas, a world in need of a new kind of hero." 

There's no release date for the next Dragon Age right now—it hasn't even been properly named yet, and not much is known about it. The last time we saw it was in a little behind the scenes video from Gamescom 2020.

This trailer is the most substantial look we've had yet, but here's everything else we know about it so far.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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