Here's six minutes of Homefront: The Revolution gameplay

Homefront: The Revolution

Earlier this week, Deep Silver released a Homefront: The Revolution trailer entitled "Thank You," in which a young child haltingly extolled the virtues of America's new Korean overlords, while Korean soldiers beat the ever-loving candy out of every American they could lay their hands on. It was pretty good as cinematics go, if a bit on the nose, but today we've got something that's probably going to be more interesting to most potential players: some actual gameplay

The video contains a smattering of everything, which I imagine is the point. There's NPC interaction, weapon modding, traps, vehicles, hacking, and of course plenty of running to the rescue of your fellow soldiers, who by all appearances are incapable of even crossing the street without your help. Not that the bad guys appear to be much brighter. The attack that starts around the five-minute mark isn't exactly a master-class in stealth, but even so, nobody seems to be quite sure about where they should be pointing their guns.

I get a certain Far Cry vibe from the video, especially at the end, when the activation of the communication relay seems to signal the end of the mission. That's an observation, not a complaint—I spent more hours than I like to think about in Far Cry 2, and Blood Dragon was stupid amounts of fun—but I am looking forward to seeing if the new Homefront can deliver that same kind of big, open experience without simply rehashing the same core gameplay elements.

Homefront: The Revolution is slated to come out sometime in 2016.

Andy Chalk

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