Here's Kojima Productions' new studio trailer

After promising his next game will be his best work to date earlier this month, it seemed Hideo Kojima was ready announce more Death Stranding news at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend. “We recommend to watch,” read a tweet preceding his talk at the event. “As we might have something new to show you.”

He didn’t reveal anything Death Stranding related, sadly, but did instead showcase the ‘Kojima Productions logo movie’—a short studio sting that’ll run before firing up any of the studio’s games. The trailer features Ludens, the cool space-faring mascot (who’s apparently modeled by Kojima), a moon landing and...a holographic whale. Observe:    

As reported by Polygon, Kojima also revealed that Ludens is getting two action figures in the coming months courtesy of 1000 toys. If that sort of thing floats your boat, you can look forward to these.  

No news on Death Stranding then, so why don’t we take another look at the E3 reveal trailer and once again ponder what it might be all about.