There's an easier way to trigger alien life in GTA 5 [Updated]

Update: Following its datamining-aided discovery last month, the GTA 5 Chiliad Mystery community happened upon extra terrestrial life legitimately last week. And while it was first thought players were required to grind out 600 sales in GTA Online's most recent Gunrunning update, it appears the secret alien egg supply mission can be activated with the same number of resupply missions—errands which can be completed quicker than sales.

As reported by VG24/7, GTA Series Videos posted the following explanation video:

GTA Series Videos also posted the following description: 

"In order to trigger this mission you have to complete at least 600 resupplies. Once you have reached this number, start a new supply run between 21:00 and 23:00. Apparently there's no timer for this mission, nor rewards or unlocks for completing it.

"To achieve the goal in the fastest time possible we divided the team in three sub-teams (also with the help from some of our friends) working at the same time on sales, supplies and crates due to the fact that one of the required variables was the number '600'.

"Since we had our doubts on what the number was tied to, with almost a week of non-stop 24 hours grinding taking turns, we all reached the number 600 in sales, supplies and crates, and then we continued trying to unlock the mission during the 21:00-23:00 time frame."

The truth is up there. 

Original story: 

Last week, the GTA 5 Chiliad Mystery community discovered alien life for the first time in game's Online segment by way of datamining. Tied to the open world crime sim's Gunrunning update, The Gurus have now worked out how to trigger the extra terrestrial mission the old fashioned way—and it requires quite a bit of grinding. 

Billed by Guru Tadd as the "no shortcuts, no cheating, legit way", he outlines the correct method to spawn the alien mission as Rockstar originally intended. He credits Guru Mama Kaimeera for the find—who's "been grinding out the sales and gunrunning missions since [the update] came out"—as well as Guru Gramz, Guru Jared and Guru CME for their hard work. 

"As you may know from before," says Tadd, "We changed a global variable to 20 to forcibly trigger this mission. But we have now traced back to the source, the various requirements needed. It appears that (brace yourself) the player must have: 601 completed gunrunning sales (the check is for 600 but 601 to be safe). And then start a supply run between: 21:00hrs and 23:00hrs."

Tadd explains that "yep, it really is that simple" but that racking up quite so many gunrunning sales isn't exactly an easy feat. Tadd also notes that once triggered, the alien event won't happen again. "So make the most of it, or just watch our video and save yourself the time," he adds. 

Here's another look at first contact via the Gurus' footage from last week: