Here's a look at Battlefield 5's upcoming Marita map, set in Greece

Battlefield 5's fourth chapter is releasing June 27, but not everything is coming on day one. The Marita map will release for all players in July, and takes us to The Battle of Greece, which saw Italy and Germany invade the country in 1941.

The map is a hillside town with "tight streets," meaning it's infantry-focused. The video above provides a nice overview of the setting.

Chapter 4 will be free to all Battlefield 5 players, and will include several other maps which EA teased a few days ago. During EA Play, the publisher also teased Chapter 5: Awakening the Giant, which will bring us to the Pacific Theater. M1 Garand confirmed for that, and private servers are coming in September.

You can watch the full Battlefield 5 presentation from EA Play below:

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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