Battlefield 5 is heading to the Pacific and getting six new maps

DICE has given us our first look at six maps coming to Battlefield 5, starting this month with the arrival of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds on June 27. They'll take players across France, Greece and Norway. Then, with Chapter 5: Awakening the Giant, we'll finally be off to the Pacific theatre. Check out the trailer above. 

With Chapter 4, DICE wants to fling players into up close and personal fights, but first you'll be duking it out across the desert in vehicles in the Al Sundan map in June. DICE says it's a "vast" map, so expect to be running for cover as tanks chase you down. That'll be followed by a battle in the mountains in Greece in July. It's got a lot of winding paths and buildings, so expect more close quarters firefights than in Al Sundan.

In August two new maps will appear, both designed for infantry fights but still pretty distinct. The Norwegian island of Lofoten is absolutely tiny but also not built up at all—it's a sleepy place with only a few buildings. Provence, on the other hand, has streets lined with multi-story buildings that funnel everyone into deadly scraps. 

In October, things will be getting even more claustrophobic with the introduction of the Operation Underground map, trapping players in trains and tunnels. It looks a little hectic. 

We've barely even had a look at Chapter 4 yet and DICE is already teasing Chapter 5. We expected it to head over to the Pacific theatre, and while we don't get a good look at the map, the tease at the end of the trailer does confirm our next destination. 

You'll be able to see more of what's coming to Battlefield 5 in the EA Play livestream on Saturday June 8. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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