Here's a list of all the Apple Arcade games on PC

Apple Arcade games on PC
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There are already plenty of Apple Arcade games on PC. The library boasts a wide variety of hand-picked games that you can access through its subscription service. While the roaster of games features games from the likes of SEGA, Cartoon Network, and the Lego games, the service also has a bunch of indie studios like Finji, Annapurna Interactive, Gian Squid, ustwo games, and more. 

Many of the games in Apple Arcade are strictly available on the subscription service only, but many have made their way to PC after a short time in the arcade. Similar to the Epic Store's exclusivity, some of the games in the arcade are exclusive to Apple for a short period of time, but unlike Epic's standard year wait, Apple Arcade's time period can vary. 

Most of the games released on both PC and through Apple Arcade have around a month or two of a waiting period. Take Simogo's Sayonara Wild Hearts as an example. That released on Apple Arcade on October 8 then made its way to Steam on December 12. 

Here is a complete list of games from Apple Arcade that are now available on PC:

What the Golf? - The Epic Store
Tangle Tower - Steam
Stranded Sails - Steam
Stellar Commanders - Steam
Spaceland - Steam
Sayonara Wild Hearts - Steam
Punch Planet - Steam Early Access
Overland - Steam
Mutazione - Steam
King's League 2 - Steam
Jenny LeClue Detectivu - Steam
Hot Lava - Steam
Explottens - Steam Early Access
Enter the Gungeon - Epic
EarthNight - Steam
Dead End Job - Steam
Cat Quest 2 - Steam
Neo Cab - Steam
Pilgrims - Steam
The Bradwell Conspiracy - Steam
Manifold Garden - Epic
Mosaic - Steam
Discolored - Steam
ShockRods - Steam
Steven Universe Unleash the Light - Steam 


Stela - March 13
Over the Alps - March 31
Yaga - Steam
Inmost - Steam
Projection First Light - Steam
Mini Motorways - Steam
Carpocalypse - Steam
Lifeslide - Steam
Down in Bermuda - Steam
Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree - Steam
Assemble With Care - Steam
The Murder Mystery Machine - Steam
Hyperbrawl Tournament - Steam
Redout: Space Assult - Steam 

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