Here's 13 minutes of Syndrome, the sci-fi survival horror game coming next month

We mentioned the sci-fi survival horror game Syndrome earlier this year in our roundup of the games we were looking forward to in 2016. The setup, as we said, is a cliche—you awaken on an abandoned spaceship with no memory of who you are, hunted by murderous mutants—but that's okay if it works, and the 13-minute gameplay trailer released today looks very promising. And it's not too far off, either. Developer Camel 101 announced today that the PC version of the game will be out on October 6. 

From the blurb: “A member of the ship’s crew, you awaken from cryosleep to find it’s not at all the way you remember. Your friends and coworkers are gone. In their place, transformed monstrosities that kill without mercy. With the ship courseless and adrift in space, you’ll have to uncover the events that took place during your sleep if you have any hope of surviving this waking nightmare.” Weapons are rare and ammunition scarce, so while you can fight when you have to, stealth and evasion are the keys to survival. 

The studio says Syndrome will provide a deep and twisting story, and plenty of opportunities for exploration and discovery. That sort of thing doesn't always come across well, but I like the way this one looks and I really hope it lives up to its promise. A console release is planned for early 2017, if that's more your thing, and it's also coming to VR, although there's no date on that just yet. A closer look at Syndrome can be had at Camel 101's website and in the dozen-ish screens below.

Andy Chalk

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