Help Will Come Tomorrow is a story-driven survival game set in pre-revolution Russia

Help Will Come Tomorrow is a story-driven survival game about a small group of passengers who survive a catastrophic crash on a Trans-Siberian railway train during the onset of the October Revolution in Russia. Stranded in the remote, hostile wilderness, they must work together to stay alive until a rescue party can arrive. 

The basics of survival are straightforward enough—establish a camp, gather resources, look out for bears, that sort of thing—but the greater challenge will be dealing with prejudice and class conflicts between the game's characters. Selfishness is possible, but cooperation is key to survival and a clean conscience—if you care about that sort of thing. A dynamic weather system will present practical survival challenges, while in-game events will be based on the relationships and morale of nine unique characters from different origins and social classes, each with their own "intimate stories and past."

"Be it a survival game or management sim, we want it to contain a compelling and touching story. We strongly believe story is what matters the most. Help Will Come Tomorrow is a beautiful addition to that philosophy," said Michal Gembicki, CEO of publisher Klabater. "Another unique feature we try to feature in our games is a real historical background. It reflects our personal historical interests at Klabater—we love history and we want use it as a tool to tell immersive stories about the human condition."

Help Will Come Tomorrow is being developed by Polish studio Arclight Creations and set to arrive on Steam in the first quarter of 2020.

Andy Chalk

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