Hello Games' Twitter account comes to life following hack

Earlier today, following more than a month of inactivity, the Hello Games Twitter account tweeted that under-fire space explore 'em up No Man's Sky was "a mistake." The tweet was quickly deleted and the account made private which, alongside Murray's own account's renewed activity (until today, Murray hadn't posted since August), led some to believe one of the accounts/both had been hacked. 

Amid the confusion, Polygon, Mashable, Forbes, and Kotaku reported Murray had responded via email—telling the former "The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down. We have not been coping well". 

The others, however, reported being sent emails which suggested a "disgruntled employee" was to blame—the most comprehensive of which was published by Kotaku. The replies were however inconsistent and all sites reported follow-up mails falling on deaf ears.  

PC Gamer reached out for comment, however Hello Games has tweeted this in the meantime:

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A strange afternoon in the videogame Twittersphere, indeed.