Hellish pixel platformer Valfaris goes 2.5D in forthcoming sequel

Valfaris was a sumptuous metal-themed 2D platformer with some of the most impressive pixel art this side of Owlboy. The work of Slain studio Steel Mantis, it was a bonkers modern take on classic action-platformers like Shadow of the Beast. Now it's getting a sequel called Valfaris: Mecha Therion that mixes things up a bit.

The most obvious change is the art style: this is a 2.5D platformer and character sprites have been replaced by full 3D polygonal models. The world itself is 2.5D too, though you'll still be navigating from a sidelong view (with the occasional artful camera shift). Also, this doesn't look as much like a platformer per se, more of a horizontally scrolling shmup. This time protagonist Therion is commandeering an "advanced machine of death and destruction" (in other words, a mech) so it's less about moving between platforms, and more about gliding.

This mech will boast three classes of weapon, including melee, ballistic and destroyer classes, and the mech will be customizable with whichever kind of firepower you prefer. It's a big change for the series and studio Steel Mantis, but hopefully it pays off. No release date yet: Steam says it's coming soon. 

Shaun Prescott

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