Hearthstone's 'Year of the Mammoth' daily rewards include card packs and a Golden Volcanosaur

The Hearthstone expansion Journey to Un'Goro is coming in early April, bringing with it a transition from the Year of the Kraken to the Year of the Mammoth. As we explained last month, that means The Grand Tournament, Blackrock Mountain, and The League of Explorers are being rotated out of Standard, as well as a half-dozen Classic cards are being retired to Wild mode, making room for new expansions, a new Hero, and other fresh content. In the leadup to the changeover, Blizzard is holding a "Mammoth celebration" which will grant players daily rewards, including gold, card packs, and a Golden Volcanosaur, just for logging in. 

For doing nothing more than showing up, you get:

  • March 29: 50 gold
  • March 30: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card pack
  • March 31: 100 Dust
  • April 1: Whispers of the Old Gods card pack
  • April 2: Journey to Un'Goro card pack
  • April 3: 50 gold
  • April 4: Journey to Un'Goro card pack
  • April 5: The Golden Volcanosaur. Just look at that thing.

Blizzard clarified that there will only be one Golden Volcanosaur awarded, not two, and there is a caveat, as specified in the fine print: "You will need to log in with a Hearthstone client that has been fully updated for Journey to Un'Goro." No update, no card, so be sure you've taken care of that at your earliest, pre-April 5 convenience. Daily rewards will begin and end when quests reset each day in your region. 

March 29 will also see the beginning of the second Year of the Mammoth-themed Tavern Brawl, with another Journey to Un'Goro card pack on the table for achieving victory. The previous Mammonth-themed Brawl, Decorating Stormwind, had players attacking the AI-controlled city of Stormwind in order to decorate it for the upcoming Year of the Mammoth celebrations.   

To learn more about what's coming on the Journey to Un'Goro, be sure to check out our rundown of every card in the expansion that's been revealed so far.   

Andy Chalk

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