Every card from Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro set

Click or swipe through the gallery above to see every Journey to Un'Goro card. We have now added all the collectible cards, plus as many of their tokens as possible.

Hearthstone's next expansion is the prehistoric-themed Journey to Un'Goro, primed to add 135 new cards to the game from April 6th. The set is filled to the brim with dinosaurs, elementals, and killer plants—with Standard also set to rotate at the same time, Un'Goro could end up being Hearthstone's most important expansion yet

In addition to elementals getting a tribal tag of their very own, Un'Goro will be adding a brand new keyword to the game: Adapt. When a minion Adapts, you will be given a Discover style choice of three buffs from a possible list of 10, ranging from extra health, to extra attack, to Taunt, and pretty much any other effect you can think of. 

Each class will also be getting a unique Quest card, a 1-mana spell that will always appear in your opening hand. After being cast, Quest cards sit on your character like a Secret until a set of conditions has been met, such as summoning seven Deathrattle minions or discarding six cards. The conditions are steep, but the rewards can be game-winning.

We even got to reveal our own card this time. The expansion is sure to shake up the meta, and will likely cause ripples in our list of the 25 best Hearthstone legendaries.

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