Hearthstone pro sets ridiculous new ladder win streak record

Given the game's inherent variance, a good win rate in Hearthstone is anything above 60 percent or so. You're getting into top Legend range when you hit 65 percent. A sustained win rate above or around 70 percent is world champion territory, and more often than not, achieved through blind luck or a small sample size. So for David "Dog" Caero, a Hearthstone pro who plays for Team Liquid, racking up 50 Ws in a row is frankly absurd. 

Caero set a new ladder win streak record while playing this Odd Rogue deck in Wild on his Twitch stream earlier today. He started at rank 25 and climbed all the way to rank six without loss, playing Odd Rogue the entire time to go 50-0. So, you know, expect to see a lot of Odd Rogue in Wild this weekend. 

Tragically, his win streak was shut down by the most frustrating card in Hearthstone: Barnes. Caero queued into a Big Priest and his opponent rolled high, coining Barnes on turn three, pulling Y'shaarj, and in turn pulling Ysera. Seems good. Caero tried his best to overcome that setback, but even on a 50-0 hot streak you can't overcome that kind of  bullshit. 

You can watch the full record-setting stream here. And since you're all wondering, here's a screenshot of the Odd Rogue list Caero used:  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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