Headsnatchers, the party game about ripping skulls off of bodies, is free on Humble

Headsnatchers is a party game for up to four players in which the object is to, as the title suggests, snatch the other players' heads—literally rip them from the shoulders of your opponents. It sounds horrific, but there's more: "Dunk your buddies’ heads through hoops like LeBron, kick your grandpa’s gobbler through a portal to hell like Doomguy and flush your sister’s brain-basket down the toilet like the dooky you pushed out five hours after you shoved that XL pizza down your face."

That is, I admit, not the most tasteful game description of all time, but it sounds like silly fun, there's a single-player Zombie Castle mode, a "Headitor" for creating your own custom heads, and—this is the big point—it's currently free from the Humble Store. You'll need to sign up for the Humble Store mailing list if you're not already on it; once that's taken care of, a link to a Steam key will be sent via email.

Since you're poking around there anyway, the Humble Store is currently in the midst of a full-on Winter Sale, with a range of publisher sales, indie deals, and some Witchers to toss coins at, which runs until January 23. Headsnatchers is only free for the next couple of days, though—until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on January 12—and the Steam key must be redeemed by the same time on January 16, so be sure not to sleep on it.

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Andy Chalk

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