Hawken will be free to play, out in December, sign up for the closed beta now

"I'm throwing my wallet at the screen but nothing is happening!" is a common reaction to the trailers for stunning indie multiplayer mech-war project, Hawken. According to a blog post on the Hawken site , you won't need your wallet at all. It'll be released as a free to play game on December 12 this year.

That's a long way off, but there will be a beta that'll give us the opportunity to mech-up earlier. You can sign up for that on the Hawken closed beta page . It'll just want your name and address for now.

The Hawken team haven't laid out their plans for the sort of microtransactions and payments that we can expect, but on their FAQ they mention that "there will be in game purchases that will allow greater customization and more weapon variety." Find out more on the official Hawken site .

Tom Senior

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