Hardspace: Shipbreaker breaks out of early access next month

Zero-gravity salvage sim Hardspace: Shipbreaker's two-year orbit through Steam Early Access is coming to a close next month, as developer Blackbird Interactive opens the workshop for a full release on Steam and the Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass on May 24.

Hardspace, in case you missed it, is a deeply satisfying game about carving up derelict spaceships from your orbital breaking yard, peeling apart shuttles and freighters until they're nothing but spare parts and scrap. Of course, spaceships are complicated beasts, and the threat of explosive decompression, engine core breaches, or getting slammed in the noggin by ten tons of untethered steel is a constant occupational hazard.

At release, all Hardspace had to offer was a loose handful of ships to unlock and tear apart—and honestly, that's all it really needed. But over the past two years Blackbird has bulked out Shipbreaker with more ships, more tools, a home to decorate and even a fully-voiced campaign that dives harder into the game's critique of high-orbit labour violations.

Blackbird hasn't yet revealed what new stuff will arrive next month, though I'd assume another act of the story to wrap up the campaign, and hopefully a few more ships and tools to boot.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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