Half-Life headcrabs have infested Two Point Hospital's free weekend

Two Point Hospital, normally a bastion of cleanliness, has unfortunately become infested with Half-Life headcrabs. They're not the only things sneaking in from other games, either. Total War: Three Kingdoms, the Endless series and Football Manager 19 have all inspired objects that you can now plonk down inside your hospital. 

You can spruce up your rooms with football pitch rugs, arcade cabinets and some lovely new wall art. The headcrab, meanwhile, latches onto its victims, engulfing their heads. Thankfully, they can be yanked off by trained professionals, leaving the patient free from their nightmarish skull prison. 

Even if you don't own Two Point Hospital, you can still check out the new illness and guest items for yourself, as it's hosting a free weekend on Steam. It will run until 5 pm GMT on Monday. If you fancy keeping it after the weekend, it's be 33 percent off. Other Sega games are on sale, too, discounted by up to 90 percent. 

The new Pebberley Island DLC launches on Monday, as well, tasking hospital administrators with building in a hostile jungle and helping an eccentric explorer discover a spring of immortality. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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