3 new Half-Life: Alyx videos show her gravity gloves and upgradable gun in action

(Image credit: Valve)

Valve has released three new videos showing off Half-Life: Alyx, the VR Half-Life prequel coming on March 23. In the videos you'll see Alyx dealing with headcrabs, zombies, Combine soldiers, puzzles, and all sorts of physical interactions including health stations, locked doors, and more. 

And you get a good look at her extremely cool pistol in action, including a visit to an upgrade station to add a reflex sight and laser sight. At one point she also turns her shotgun into a grenade launcher by clamping an explosive device to the barrel and launching it. You can also see just how useful her gravity gloves are, for snatching items from distance, including away from a barnacle's tongue, not to mention flinging grenades back at the soldiers who threw them.

At one point Alyx even plops a hard hat onto her own head. Some headcrab protection, maybe?

In the first video above, Alyx makes her way through a darkened area of City 17, using the teleportation locomotion option. She visits a Combine fabricator, which allows her to upgrade her pistol using resin, which she collects by searching through containers scattered around. She also uses a Combine health station.

In the second video below, she travels through a part of the city that's been infested with Xen, deals with barnacles and headcrabs, and does some 3D puzzle solving to open doors.

The final video is combat with Combine soldiers, where Alyx uses her cool-looking shotgun and gravity gloves to fling back grenades. It's a mix of teleportation locomotion and normal locomotion.

Christopher Livingston
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