Hack the '80s internet in free hacking adventure Wardialler

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

Hacking—films and TV inform me—is what happens when edgy, punky young people type endless code into computers, while never once using a mouse, or stopping to think about what exactly they're typing. Hacking—Wardialler informs me—is actually a much more thoughtful process, basically akin to detective work, but on The Net. You're allowed to give your fingers a rest now and again, and you even get to use a mouse! But you'll probably still be arrested at the end of it.

As its developer nervous_testpilot, AKA Paul Kilduff-Taylor of Mode 7, explains, Wardialler "isn't a faithful hacking simulator or strategy game", but rather a more linear text adventure where you'll need to read lots of text, and make plenty of notes on a physical notepad. It's a little bit Digital: A Love Story, but longer, broader and more interactive, requiring you to memorise copious commands, and to type them out.

Paul's aiming to release a fuller version on Steam later this year, but there's plenty to this free browser version, including a tie-in soundtrack (check the game page for links) that's an excellent listen, either with the game or on its own. (Thanks, Warp Door.)

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