Gwent's summer subscribers to get Closed Beta invites next week, more on the way

After a slight delay, Witcher 3 mini-game-turned-standalone card contest Gwent launched its closed beta last month. When can you expect a piece of the action if you haven't got some already? Next week at the latest, says developer CD Projekt Red. 

That's assuming you put your name forward in June, when sign-ups opened. "We’re currently collecting feedback from players who are already enjoying the game," CDP's Radek Adam Grabowski tells us. "The nature of Closed Beta is that access is limited at first, allowing us to make sure the game is a fun and stable experience. We've been steadily sending out more and more invitations to gamers who registered to participate and by the end of next week, everyone who signed up back in June should have received their access."

This should put the minds of those who've signed up but are yet to hear back at ease. And if you're yet to get involved, Gwent's closed beta is expected to run until Spring 2017. Here's a new trailer: 

"Closed Beta is just the beginning of a long road ahead of us," adds Grabowski. "We can’t wait to tell you more about what’s coming."

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