Guild Wars 2 trailer teases end of the Living Story's first season

The briefly slumbering ArenaNet have awoken for a new year of Guild Wars 2 updates. The first of these has been announced for 21st January and, like basically all of the other ones, will involve the admirably persistent arch-villain Scarlet. Maybe, though, this will be her last appearance on the panto villain stage, as - as was revealed in ANet's end-of-year blog post - the next four updates will wrap up this "season one" story arc.

If the end of season one does mean the final end of Scarlet's reign of terror, it'll probably be for the best. As you can see from the trailer, her over a year of behind the scenes manipulation has, at every stage, been roundly trounced by the game's players. That's as expected, of course: it would be a weird MMO that forced you to fail. But villains have a half-life, and it's reduced with every defeat. Despite the bluster, Scarlet's about as threatening as a geriatric drunk. Especially in a world full of giant evil dragons.

Based on ArenaNet's usual update schedule, we can expect more information on this arc on the 14th December, a week before its release. As yet, ArenaNet are given no information of what we can expect from the second season.

Phil Savage

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