Guild Wars 2 trailer introduces the Sky Pirates of Tyria

GW2 Pirates thumb

The Sky Pirates are invading Guild Wars 2! They might have done it sooner, but first they had to stop off at a steampunk convention. And then they had to stop off again to have a massive brawl in a watchmaker's shop. But now, finally, they've arrived in Tyria - cogs and all - to star in this trailer round-up of the features being added in today's update.

Initially, that means a new story dungeon - Aetherblade Retreat - available until July 9th. Then next week, ArenaNet will unlock Not So Secret, a new jumping puzzle that will remain as a permanent addition to the game.

The update will also introduce a massive round of tweaks to Skills and Traits. You'll not see those in the trailer, because '25% reduced cooldown' is a slightly more abstract concept than 'a pirate'. You can, however, read up on the changes through a comprehensive (albeit unconfirmed) list that's surfaced on Reddit .

In terms of items and rewards, an official ArenaNet guide explains what's available.

Sky Pirates of Tyria will launch later today.

Phil Savage

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