Guild Wars 2 server list revealed

Guild Wars 2 early access starts a week on Saturday ahead of full release on August 28. After all the waiting, it's almost here. Now, to plan. Which class to play? Which starting zone to explore first? Is it worth starting with a bit of questing, or should you dive straight into World vs. World and start wrecking up castles? Allow me to add another question to that heap. Which server should you play on? ArenaNet have just released the full list of US and European worlds to help you decide. Read on for the full list, and for a few details on our upcoming plans for Guild Wars 2.

There will be a PC Gamer guild, of course, and it will be awesome. We're still deciding on our base server but will announce the decision next week. Until then, you can join the debate and say hello to our Guild Wars community in the forums , or visit the marvellous new Guild Wars 2 PCG community site, .

One more thing. Next week is GUILD WARS 2 WEEK here on We'll have loads of exclusive videos and interviews offering extra insight and info on the most anticipated MMO of the year. You should join us. It's going to be lots of fun.

US Worlds

  • Anvil Rock

  • Borlis Pass

  • Yak's Bend

  • Henge of Denravi

  • Maguuma

  • Sorrow's Furnace

  • Gate of Madness

  • Jade Quarry

  • Fort Aspenwood

  • Ehmry Bay

  • Stormbluff Isle

  • Darkhaven

  • Sanctum of Rall

  • Crystal Desert

  • Isle of Janthir

  • Sea of Sorrows

  • Tarnished Coast

  • Northern Shiverpeaks

  • Blackgate

  • Ferguson's Crossing

  • Dragonbrand

EU Worlds

  • Fissure of Woe

  • Desolation

  • Gandara

  • Blacktide

  • Ring of Fire

  • Underworld

  • Far Shiverpeaks

  • Whiteside Ridge

  • Ruins of Surmia

  • Seafarer's Rest

  • Vabbi

  • Piken Square

  • Aurora Glade

  • Gunnar's Hold

  • Jade Sea [FR]

  • Fort Ranik [FR]

  • Augury Rock [FR]

  • Vizunah Square [FR]

  • Kodash [DE]

  • Riverside [DE]

  • Elona Reach [DE]

  • Abaddon's Mouth [DE]

  • Drakkar Lake [DE]

  • Baruch Bay [ES]

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