Guild Wars 2: Queen's Jubilee update brings hot air balloons and bonus dungeon rewards

The citizens of Tyria are always celebrating. Dragons being jerks? Throw a party . Skyship shows up? Break out the bunting . Computer games are invented? Well, that one's understandable . Guild Wars 2's next update will centre around a more obvious cause for a shindig - if you're a royalist at least. Queen's Jubilee marks the ten year anniversary of Divinity Reach'zzzz... Sorry, I started to fall asleep there, halfway through that lore heavy sentence. Maybe the planned events, rewards and updates will prove more interesting.

Those events, rewards and updates include: Hot air balloons! Okay, ArenaNet, now you have my attention. The balloons will supposedly transport players from the open world to the human city of Divinity's Reach. Hopefully it's a scenic approach - else the existence of Waypoints will render the trip a bit pointless. Also being added are a beacon lighting race, and a "Gauntlet" arena, pitting players against increasingly difficult bosses.

Perhaps more notable for this update are the fixes and improvements. Wallets are expanding to fit all types of currency - from Badges of Hono(u)r to dungeon tokens - which should save precious inventory/bank space. Dungeons will give bonus money for running explorable paths each day. Also, a PvP solo queue will ensure you don't clash against an existing party, and Champion loot drops will provide a chance for rare crafting materials from the game's tougher open world enemies.

Queen's Jubilee will arrive August 6th. You can find more details on the Guild Wars 2 update page .

Phil Savage

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