Guild Wars 2 proudly unveils worst trailer of the year, including that one you're thinking of

Yes, the Hitman trailer was dumb. No argument, the Tomb Raider one was controversial. But for sheer, slack-jawed "What in the name of hell were you thinking?", you really can't beat this slice of style-over-substance-and-also-sanity drivel. It's as if NCSoft/ArenaNet looked at Guild Wars 2 and said "You know, it doesn't seem fair, having the most exciting, smartest MMO of the year. How about we make everyone else feel a bit better by going out there and having our trousers fall around our ankles?"

"Sure thing," came the reply from on high. "As long as you put a dragon in it."

You are dumber for having seen that. May all those responsible have their houses spray-painted with CG graffiti, be forced to walk much too slowly across hot coals, and most importantly, have their copy of After Effects taken away. This may seem harsh, but it's the only way they're going to learn.

Thankfully, Guild Wars 2 itself remains great.