Guild Wars 2 prepares to unleash Nightmares, music videos

I'm on something of a break from Guild Wars 2 at the moment, after a heavy spell of playing it a few months back. But despite barely touching the last few events, I do like the game. I wanted to make that clear upfront, because next week's update contains a competition that I'm having a hard time writing about. A hard time because it's hard to see what you're typing when you're cringing this hard.

That's right, ArenaNet are asking fans to create a music video around the song "The Nightmares Within", which, appropriately enough, is also the name of the update. Also there'll be some stuff to do in the game, which is maybe the hope to cling onto.

The competition, which - and I'm not making this up - is called Rock the Nightmare, asks fans to... well, I'll just give you ArenaNet's description. It says more than I every could. Or would want to.

"Few things are as 'metal' as a sorcerous tower full of evil, so to commemorate The Nightmares Within release, we're hosting a heavy metal music video contest from November 5 through November 26."

I'm being overly melodramatic, of course. If fans want to engage in silly, campy fandom, more power too them. Sure, I'd probably draw the line at recording new vocals to go over the instrumental track, but then I'm an emotionally broken husk of a person, so what do I know? More details, including prizes and the actual song, can be found at ArenaNet's site .

Elsewhere in this follow up to last week's Tower of Nightmares , players will face 'special encounters' as they breach the tower and fight through its writing mass of corruption. Rewards include "Antitoxic Fashion", such as a Gasmask helmet skin. One for all you bondage fans, then.

The Nightmares Within update will release November 12th. More details are available on the GW2 update page .

Phil Savage

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