Guild Wars 2 outlines China release, new rewards in dev update

Growth is the goal and Guild Wars 2 has crafted an appropriately massive gameplan showing how it wants to achieve this for the rest of 2013 and beyond. As game director Colin Johanson outlines in a new dev update , ArenaNet is busy planning its release in China and the addition of a variety of new rewards systems worldwide.

China represents one of the globe's "core regions for online gaming," and GW2 has begun work to bring its potentially immense player base into the game, according to Johanson.

"We've already done our first limited beta test in China, with future tests planned to help prepare the game for release with our incredible partner there, Kong Zhong," Johanson wrote. "To prepare the game for its eastern release, we're building a new comprehensive 'level zero' optional tutorial that teaches the core basics of the game. We're also adding new story steps at levels 5 and 10 to help better teach core mechanics as players grow. We will also be adding a much better hints system, and a new level-up messaging system all to better teach the game." He also pointed out that features built to assist new players in China will be added for all of GW2.

Another planned addition to the game that's intended to stimulate growth is the implementation of new professional skills and traits. They will form the "core reward system" of GW2 after all the rare, ascended equipment has been introduced into the game, according to Johanson.

"These skills and traits will be designed to be balanced with the existing skills/traits we currently have in the game, and will simply compliment and expand the range of abilities and tactics available to each profession," Johanson wrote. "Both WvW and PvE players can acquire skills and traits, and additional means of earning skill points will be addressed for both core content areas."

Johanson's update also includes details on Living World , crafting, and much more.