Guild Wars 2 is super cheap for the next couple of days

Guild Wars 2

Phil, PCG's resident Guild Wars expert, insists on having something called a 'weekend' (what's one of those?), so it falls to me to tell you about the latest GW2-related news. Fortunately, I don't need to know squat about the game to relay that it's currently being discounted by a ginormous amount—until the end of Sunday March 8th at any rate. Hey, that's tomorrow! To coincide with PAX East this weekend, Guild Wars 2 can currently be yours for 75% off whatever your local currency is, in both its Digital Heroic and Digital Deluxe editions.

If you're in the UK, like where I am, that means Guild Wars 2 can be yours for just £8.75, or for a few quid more if you want some extra digital gubbins. The offer ends at 11:59 pm Pacific Time on March 8th, or around 8 am on the 9th in the UK.

Phil recently went hands on with Guild Wars 2's Heart of Thorns expansion. You can read lots of words about that here.

Tom Sykes

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