GTA Online's infamous Vinewood Casino is finally going to open

Image source: GTA Wiki

It looks like GTA Online's infamous Vinewood Casino, a high-roller joint that's been in the game since it launch but has never actually been accessible, is finally opening its doors.   

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The opening of the casino was actually rumored earlier this month: As reported by GamesRadar, GTA Online dataminer TezFunz2 dug up information revealing changes to an area near the casino, including changes to props that would make it appear as though the casino was under construction. Those changes, which included construction barriers and other equipment, became visible on June 6, according to the GTA Wiki.

Details on how the casino will work haven't been announced yet—as far as I've been able to tell, the tweet is the extent of the announcement so far—but I expect that more information will be forthcoming shortly. I imagine Joe will be paying it a visit in short order, too.

Andy Chalk

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