GTA Online welcomes Italian DJ duo Tale of Us, new techno radio station goes live

As we reported earlier, superstar DJ Solomun brings Los Santos to the world in his latest Grand Theft Auto 5-set official music video (see above). Today, he's got company, as GTA Online welcomes Italian duo Tale of Us to the Big Smoke. 

"As your new Nightclub sends shockwaves through the San Andreas party scene, English Dave is busy recruiting the best new talent to ensure your club’s reputation is top notch," explains this Rockstar Newswire post. "The latest rumor? Tale Of Us, Italy’s finest purveyors of lush and melodic techno, are available for hire and ready to step up as resident DJs in your Nightclub."

Live in LS now, Tale of Us debuts new and exclusive music from their latest album Afterlight—which will feature on Apple Music, Spotify and Los Santos' newest radio station Los Santos Underground Radio in the coming weeks. "Kicking things off this week is an LSUR-exclusive mix—Solomun, recorded live from the hottest club in Los Santos, with more mixes set to arrive in the coming weeks," says the Newswire. 

With its new tunes, comes two new modes of transport—which the developer says range from the sublime to the ridiculous. The former is captured by the four-door "superiority complex on wheels" Enus Stafford; whereas the latter is represented by a new camo-covered, nightclub-promoting blimp, emblazoned with the latest act's logo. Here's an action shot of both:

Guest List rewards this week include another complementary $100,000 bounty, vehicle liveries and some 'Galaxy & Los Santos Underground Radio' t-shirts. Property discounts are plentiful with 25 percent off Hangars, Bunkers, Executive Offices, Garages, Special Cargo Warehouses, and Biker Clubhouses. All of the above's respective renovations are 25 percent off, too. 

Oh, and there's talk of a "lost relic resurfacing" some point soon. We're told to "keep a lookout for the first clue to unlocking this unique totem later this week." I wonder what that could mean

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