GTA Online update adds plane vs helicopters mode and hangar workshop discounts

GTA Online's added a new adversary mode as part of its Smuggler's Run update this week: Bombushka Run, where two teams of up to four take to the skies and try to bring each other down. One team pilots the new and deadly Bombushka aircraft, which has three turrets, while the other team tries to take the bomber down in Buzzard helicopters. In the next round, the teams swap roles, and whoever survives in the bomber the longest wins. You can get double experience and GTA$ playing this mode until 25 September. 

You can also buy the Bombushka from Warstock, if you have the cash. If you've been eyeing the workshops in GTA's hangars because you fancy customising your aircraft, these are 25% off this week, taking them below a million in price for the first time. Liveries, resprays (both for cars and planes) and aircraft weapons are also 25% off this week. Check out some of my thoughts on customisation, and a rundown of some of the options available, in my write-up of Smuggler's Run (opens in new tab) from a few weeks ago. 

There are also new premium race and time trial options, for those looking for other ways to make money in the next six days. You can see details for these on Rockstar's Newswire (opens in new tab).

Samuel Roberts
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