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GTA Online throwing money, motorcycles, and a new mode at you this Halloween

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If you fire up GTA Online between now and October 3, you'll find a wad of in-game cash in your virtual bank account, because this month marks the three year anniversary of GTA Online. Time flies! Also, there's a Halloween-themed motorcycle and discounts on vehicles, guns, and tattoos, plus there's another new motorcycle that isn't the Halloween one. Oh, and there's also a new mode. Look, the official press release kind of trips over itself, so eager is it to throw a bunch of stuff at you for a bunch of different reasons, so let's break it down a bit at a time.

First, the cash and discounts: it's $250,000, you get it for simply logging in, and it'll appear in your bank account by November 4. You can use it for whatever you like, obviously, but there's a bunch of cars, boats, copters, planes, motorcycles, plus tattoos and clothing from the various GTA Online updates on sale for 30% off. The discounts will last until November 7, and there's a full list of sale items in the post. It's a good way to celebrate turning three.

Next: the Halloween stuff. A new motorcycle called the Sanctus will be yours for the taking, or buying, or... stealing? Rockstar's post doesn't say how to get this bike, so I'm not sure. It features a skull with glowing eyes, though, which will lend a little terror to the normally serene and sleepy streets of GTA Online.

There's also a new Halloween mode, called Lost vs. Damned, in which two teams (Angels and Devils) do battle. During the day, the Angels have a bonus to their armor, health, and weapon loadouts, while the Devils receive the same bonus at night. The catch here is that the day/night cycle switches every 60 seconds, so expect the tide of battle to turn roughly once per minute. We're also told "classic" GTA Online Halloween items will be returning, though questions such as "Which ones?" and "Aren't we using the term 'classic' rather loosely these days?" won't be answered until the end of the week, when Rockstar promises to provide more details.

As far as non-Halloween and non-anniversary items, there's also another new motorcycle, the Pegassi Vortex, which you can see above. It's part of the Bikers update collection, and it's available for purchase today—right now, in fact—at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Finally, until Halloween you'll be able to earn triple RP in the non-contact premium motorcycle race "Nightlife" in downtown Los Santos. Spend wisely, and drive safely.

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