Where to find Jack O Lanterns in GTA Online

GTA Online Jack O Lantern
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GTA Online Jack O Lanterns are scattered throughout Los Santos but they can be fairly tricky to spot. There are 200 to find in total but don't worry, you don't need to collect all of them to reap the rewards.

With GTA's Halloween event in full swing, you might already be tracking down UFOs each day. However, if you'd rather keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can still claim goodies for locating these seasonal pumpkins. In this guide, I'll show you where you can find the GTA Online Jack O Lanterns and what you get for collecting them. 

GTA Online Jack O Lantern rewards 

200 Jack O Lanterns is a lot, but the good news is that you only need to collect ten each day. You'll get a random "trick or treat" for each one. Tricks are temporary, including getting shocked, stoned, or causing a pretty nasty explosion. If you get a treat, you might receive GTA$, RP, or a boost to health and armor.

The rewards for collecting 10 Jack O Lanterns each day are:

  • Horror Pumpkin Mask (first time)
  • GTA$50,000

If you are up for the challenge of collecting all 200 Jack O Lanterns in a single day, you'll receive the Pumpkin Tee as a reward. 

GTA Jack O Lantern locations 

GTA's Jack O Lanterns respawn each day and your count will be reset. This is handy if you're only after 10 of them to claim the daily rewards, as you can collect the same ones every time to save time looking for them.

Here are the GTA Jack O Lantern locations (via GTALens interactive map). 

The Jack O Lanterns are pretty small, so you might have to take a good look around the location to find them. Once you do though, you'll know where to look the next day and be all set to grab those daily rewards. 

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