GTA Online gets a King of the Hill mode and a sweet new ride

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar has added a new game mode to GTA Online called King of the Hill that will pit 16 players, divided into teams, against one another in a battle for dominance across seven different maps. Specifics are a little thin in the announcement—get a gun, grab the high ground is pretty much the extent of it—but to get things rolling, players who take part in the mode will be awarded double GTA$ and RP until October 16.

Also on the menu this week is a new sports car, the Ocelot Jugular, a mean machine that sounds like my kind of ride: "This baby can cut down the road with the precision of a surgeon, if that surgeon had an impact force of multiple kilonewtons and could backhand a man with a slap mass of several metric tons." Now that's a car I could pick up some groceries with.

Players taking on any Client Jobs between now and October 16 will earn double GTA$ and RP, and Special Cargo Sell Missions will also deliver double GTA$ this week. Players can also take a shot at winning GTA$, RP, clothing, and maybe even a Principe Deveste Eight supercar with a spin of the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino and Resort.

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Andy Chalk

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