GTA Online adds HVY Menacer vehicle, extends adversary mode bonus

GTA Online introduced a reworked version of its Hunting Pack Adversary Mode last week, with double RP and GTA$ opportunities. Those same bonuses roll over this week, alongside the addition of the HVY Menacer—a weaponised vehicle fit for blowing things up, and, of course, griefing. 

"The tools may change, but the good old-fashioned thrill of the hunt stays the same," explains Rockstar. "Your pioneer forebears were marksmen: you drive an armored war machine on wheels. 

"They could strip their rifle blindfolded: your mechanic can fit a top-mounted .50 cal minigun and front facing machine guns. Now get out there and make them proud by tearing your enemies to shreds in the HVY Menacer, available at Warstock Cache & Carry."

The five-person capacity (one driver, three passengers and a gunner) armoured truck will set you back $1,775,000. For what it's worth, I reckon splashing an extra 20 grand for the nine-person Insurgent Pick-Up is better value for money—whose trade price drops to $1,350,000, once you've completed the Humane Labs Raid. 

In any event, here's a fully-kitted out variation of the HVY Menacer in motion courtesy of GTA Series Videos. Things escalate pretty quickly from 2.50 onward.

Logging in between now and September 3 also nets you two exclusive liveries, if that sort of thing floats yer boat weaponised truck-tank. 

Vehicle discounts this week extend to a host of sports cars and aircraft—the sum of which can be browsed here. To this end, the Supermarine Spitfire-esque P-45 Nokota for $1,396,500, with 30 percent off, is a good shout.

Image credit: Andreas Duke.