GTA 5 trainer allows for unlimited health and ammo

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Do you love shooting people in GTA 5, but are tired of retaliatory bullets shredding your own flesh? Do you often find that you're winded from sprinting, or that you drown while swimming underwater, or that you're being hassled by the police simply because you choose to hurl grenades in downtown Los Santos? There's got to be a better way!

There is, if you don't mind cheating your butt off with this GTA 5 "trainer" created by LinGon. Once installed and activated in story mode by using the Home key, it provides your trio of bad boys with a number of hotkey cheats, like infinite health, stamina, oxygen, and ammo, super speed while running, and even partial immunity from wanted levels (if you mess with the cops directly, they may still come after you). You can also teleport around the map by using waypoints instead of having to do all that pesky driving. While I imagine it completely removes the challenge from the game, sometimes you just want to go completely nuts without suffering the indignity of a brief hospital visit.

A couple notes: infinite health is related to gunshots and melee damage only: explosions and being run over will still kill you, so be careful where you stand. At the moment, it appears this trainer only works for the Steam version of the game. And, of course, this is a huge honkin' cheat, so consider the risks of possible bans if you're messing with GTA Online (though we don't expect it to work there).

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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