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GTA 5 NaturalVision Remastered graphics overhaul mod now live

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As reported earlier this week, GTA 5's best visual overhaul mod is back for its final stunning update (opens in new tab). NaturalVision Remastered's final iteration is now available to download from GTA 5 Mods (opens in new tab)

"The new update for NaturalVision Remastered is now available for download," says mod creator Razed. "Thank you for supporting this project. Your feedback and comments have kept me motivated over the past two years.

"Unfortunately, this is the last major update. I am burned out after putting thousands of hours into this game. I still plan on releasing smaller updates in the future as there are a few things I didn't get a chance to finish. 

"I am hoping RDR 2 comes out on PC next year so that I can make it my next modding project. Please continue to share your feedback in the comments section... Until next time. Thanks and enjoy." 

Here's the mod's full changelog:

Update notes

  • New Add-On: Weapon Overhaul Pack
  • New Add-On: Brighter Vehicle Tail Lights
  • New Add-On: Trash Modifier
  • New Add-On: Disable Wet Roads Effect
  • New Add-On: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL
  • ENB Config: Updated the ENB version and tweaked settings. Now includes Skylighting, SSAO and SSIL effects
  • ReShade Preset: Updated certain shaders and tweaked settings

  • Updated the timecyclemods.ini config within the "Main Files" folder
  • Moved weapon tweaks and vehicle texture modifications from the main mod to optional add-on packages
  • Made various changes and improvements to the ExtraSunny, Clear, Foggy, Overcast and Thunder weather timecycles
  • New Cloudy weather timecycle inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 with improved cloud lighting
  • New Neutral weather timecycle based on a foggier version of ExtraSunny weather
  • Modified certain cloud textures and updated the v_clouds.rpf file
  • Clouds will now spawn quickly when changing weathers via trainer
  • Improved puddles during Rainy weather
  • Improved lighting strike / cloud burst properties for Thunder weather
  • Added a new starfield texture exported from Final Fantasy XV
  • Fixed the "Hide Weapon Reticle and Damage Overlay" add-on
  • Fixed a texture bug effecting a small number of vehicles
  • Fixed a carcols related bug effecting emergency vehicle lights
  • Fixed a bug causing street lamps to flicker during night time
  • Reduced the excessive glow on taxi roof signs
  • Removed support for the "Darker Nights" add-on
  • Removed "NVR Lite" and "NVR FPS Boost" versions as they are no longer needed
  • Improved compatibility with FiveM and added more optional packages

More information on Razed's NaturalVision Remastered, including installation instructions, lives here (opens in new tab)

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