GTA 5 mod adds Red Dead Redemption-style gang hideouts

Grand Theft Auto 5 has an abundance of neat official add-ons, but its huge collection of user-made mods are what sets it apart from just about every other game in my eyes. Modder State_of_Mind’s Gang Hideouts is the latest to catch my eye, which brings Red Dead Redemption’s raidable enemy HQs to the sprawling open world Los Santos sandbox. 

It’s a real shame that GTA’s wild west cousin remains a console-exclusive, as it’s a fantastic game—in both single and multiplayer—with a story that’s far more engaging than anything the Grand Theft Auto series has ever offered. Gang Hideouts, for those unaware, feature in Red Dead Redemption as areas inhabited by outlaw gangs that players can confront and face-off against. Besides snagging bonuses, clearing these bastions of their bad guys is great fun, which is why it’s nice to see the idea implemented in GTA 5. 

State_of_Mind’s GTA-oriented slant on Gang Hideouts requires both the Build a Mission mod by Aimless and the OpenInteriors mod by NewTheft to work, and lets players seek out gang’s quarters as they lie strewn across the Los Santos map—just like in Red Dead Redemption.

Each hideout is home to a different group of enemies, and State_of_Mind has added over ten new hideouts and a handful of antagonists—such as Corrupt Cops and Dam Hippies—since the mod was first created less than a month ago, as he or she ensures the mod "expands over time." 

Here's a few stills that accompany the mod's download link