GTA 5 Ill Gotten Gains update is live: sip champagne in a jet

Ill gotten gains

The free Ill Gotten Gains update adds a bunch of vehicles to GTA Online and story mode, and is live right now, as Rockstar's newswire attests. This is the first phase of a rollout of top-tier items that will only be affordable to the city's most minted villains. Rewards include four megacars—the Pegassi Osiris, Albany Virgo, Benefactor Stirling GT and Enus Windsor—as well as a couple of "deluxe" jets and "hundreds" of new clothing options.

If you ride in the new jets you can sip champagne, surf the web and smoke cigars as you fly (even in first-person). There's also a new gun: the Combat PDW. All of this can be yours, if you have enough in-game green.

The community is encouraged to celebrate this swank injection with a weekend of unrelenting crime, which will reward participants with extra rep and in-game cash. From June 12 to June 14 you earn double the crime bucks for fighting in adversary modes and elite Vinewood pads will sell for 75% of their normal price. Here are the full details on the Rockstar site.

There's also a housekeeping patch that makes numerous small improvements. Weapon rebalancing boosts the damage of the MG and the Combat MG, and shrinks the range of the Assault Shotgun. Vehicle store websites have been redesigned and shops rearranged to make it easier to acquire the Ill Gotten loot. Here are the full patch notes which, among other things, correct issues where "players were seen falling through the apartment when accepting an invite to a Heist", a scene that would have markedly improved heist caper Oceans Twelve.

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