G.Skill's Ripjaws KM570 RGB mechanical keyboard is on sale for $73

Are you looking for a new keyboard? Mechanical is the only way to go (well, not the only way, but the better way in our opinion), and right now Newegg is selling G.Skill's Ripjaws KM570 RGB mechanical keyboard for $73.

That's down from its $120 list price, though it usually fluctuates from $80 to $100. Still, it's the cheapest price around.

The version that's on sale uses Cherry MX Brown key switches. Browns offer tactile feedback and are quiet, making them a good choice for gamers and typists alike. You can read more about mechanical key switches here.

This is a keyboard for folks who want a minimalistic design without all the extra flair, save for RGB backlighting of course. That means there are no dedicated macro keys, though you can bind macros to any of the regular keys via on-the-fly macro recording. It also features contoured keycaps and comes with a key puller tool.

You can find the Ripjaws KM570 RGB here. If you can do without the RGB backlighting, a red LED version of the same keyboard sells for $60. You can grab that one here (Amazon) or here (Newegg).

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Paul Lilly

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