G.Skill's DDR4-3200 laptop memory takes speed crown

Fresh off of unveiling new memory options as part of its flagship Trident Z line for desktops, G.Skill today announced the world's fastest DDR4 laptop memory kits running at 3,200MHz.

The new SO-DIMM kits are part of its Ripjaws series. There are two high capacity options available, 16GB (2x8GB) and 32GB (2x16GB). Both are built with Samsung DDR4 8Gb ICs, same as the aforementioned Trident Z additions, and require 1.35V.

"Tested and validated on the latest Intel platform featuring the latest 6th Gen Intel Core processors, these new DDR4-3200MHz SO-DIMM memory kits allow you to wield the power of a desktop system in a portable laptop or mini PC, perfect for casual gaming or working on-the-go," G.Skill says.

According to some screenshots G.Skill provided, the latencies when running this RAM at DDR4-3200 are 16-18-18-43. You can tighten them up a bit at lower frequencies, though if that's the plan, it probably doesn't make sense to spend what's sure to be a premium on a higher frequency kit.

G.Skill didn't say how much the new kits will cost, but did mention they'll be available in June.

We'll be visiting G.Skill this June during Computex to check out how it produces its memory products. We'll let you know the juicy details when we get them.

Paul Lilly

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